Braces – What’s new? What are my options?


Whereas the word ‘Braces’ used to horrify us, today we have a refreshing new take on the word – all due to their appealing new look whilst getting the same effective results!  Today, braces can be fitted by a qualified dentist with no long waiting list.  Braces today are subtle and barely noticeable, unlike the old dreaded train-tracks!  Not to mention the possible fast turnaround they entail.  Some can be done as soon as six months, all depending on how much tooth movement is needed.

So what are the options? For little to moderate movement, the Invisalign clear aligner brace is a popular choice.  They include a series of aligners that are changed every few weeks.  To give you an idea, they are worn as you would a gum shield, sitting over the teeth encouraging movement.  They are clear and barely noticeable!

For teeth that may require more movement, white fixed brackets are the one. Don’t let the word bracket scare you though; this is one that has to be seen to be believed.  Again these are barely noticeable due to their white colouring and neat fit.  These braces work in a way in which they are tightened every few weeks, giving excellent results fast.  Straight teeth is today at everyone’s disposal at competitive prices.  In some eastern European countries they are even worn as fashion accessories, but that is a story for another day!

Please remember, only a dentist can determine if each person is suited for a particular brace, not everyone is suited for every kind, so a consultation is up most important.