Do You Have Gaps or Chips in Your Teeth?

Gaps chips1

Gaps chips2

Do you have gaps or chips in your teeth that stare you in the face daily? Do you dream of improving your smile but worried about the cost?

A lot of you may not be aware that this is something a dentist can help with.  As you can see in the above photos, gaps and chips have been repaired/filled in, making a huge difference to the patients’ smiles, I’m sure you’d agree.

The procedure used is called composite bonding, using material called – yes you guessed it – ‘composite’. The same material that is used for permanent white fillings instead of silver fillings. It’s similar to that which holds orthodontic brackets to teeth which must withstand the constant forces and daily stresses the mouth undergoes, and therefore is not only natural looking but long lasting and strong.

Gaps chips3

This material can be bonded to any surface of the tooth with any shade/colour.  So there’s no need to worry that it won’t match the rest of your teeth.  It can be polished easily so that you cannot feel or see a join between the tooth and the composite filling material. It doesn’t cause harm and it can be removed, replaced or altered safely and easily.

Most importantly, it can be done in one appointment and doesn’t require any drilling (like a crown or veneer would) or injections.  It’s minimally invasive and pain free.  And for even better news, it does not come with a huge price tag!

As well as closing gaps between the tooth and gum and repairing chips, composite can be used to lengthen teeth, and it can also be used in conjunction with tooth whitening.

At Birchgrove Dental Practice we like to offer minimally invasive options to patients such as composite bonding.