I don’t like the dentist- what can I do?

Many people fear the dentist for similar reasons. They fear it will hurt; they fear they will need some work done; they fear it will cost a lot of money. For these reasons many people will avoid the dentist completely. But what people don’t realise is that by avoiding the dentist this could in fact cause some of the fears stated above. You may be surprised to know that these days, choosing the right practice means that a lot of people actually enjoy visiting the dentist.


Why is it important to visit the dentist regularly?

It is imperative that everyone visits the dentist to keep on top of their oral health, even if you have never had any problems, only a dentist can recognise some problems and treat them before they become bigger problems. For example, unbeknown to you, you may have some plaque. Plaque can cause cavities. A cavity is a hole that gets bigger and deeper over time, and if deep enough can damage a nerve and can lead to sensitivity and pain. It’s also possible that you may develop an abscess which may require a root filling, or even worse extraction of the tooth.

So how can you overcome this fear of the dentist?

First and foremost, choosing a private dental practice with a good reputation is important. In Google, search using the terms private dentist with your area after it, for example private dentist Cardiff. By finding a good private practice you will get great service and longer appointments. Most good practices will have a website set up which allows you to ‘meet the team’, as well as read up to date testimonials from real patients. These practices will make you feel at ease from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.
It’s rare today to experience pain at the dentist. It’s actually the dentist’s job to get you out of pain. The right dentist will make you feel at ease and help you overcome your initial fear. Many people even look forward to coming back if the experience is right.

Dentist curing a female patient

A private routine check-up these days doesn’t cost much at all. This small outgoing could save you money in the long run. It also helps to choose a practice that offers finance to help spread any cost. This takes away any financial worry if you find that you do need treatment at all.