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Would you be the first to judge if someone you knew had bad breath?   How can you be sure that you don’t have bad breath also?


There can be many reasons for bad breath, and we’d like to help eliminate the chances of you developing it.  Here are some reasons and possible solutions to help these.


The ultimate reason is bugs/bacteria that live in the mouth and cause smells.  What causes this is:


  • Gum issues. Usually old plaque or hardened tartar causes bleeding gums, bad taste and bad breath.


  • Food/plaque/bugs trapped between teeth where flossing and brushing properly is being neglected and where Tepe brushes are not being used.


  • Old worn fillings and holes in teeth caused by bugs and plaque forming again due to neglect in brushing/flossing.


  • Bugs on the tongue – brushing the tongue is also key.


  • Cleaning wisdom teeth or teeth at awkward angles properly can prove difficult. The result is a build-up of food/plaque which causes a smell and bad taste.


  • Certain foods and drinks can cause bad breath. Drinking tea/coffee during the day with milk in will cause bad breath because the milk stays in the mouth and begins to smell.  Cheese and obvious foods such as garlic and chilli would also do this.


  • Undiagnosed gum disease – This is when pockets between teeth and gums harbour and trap bugs that live and breed, causing a bad taste and smell.


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  • Dental hygiene visits are crucial. During these appointments you will have scaling, polishing and the opportunity of floss and brushing demo.


  • Regular check-ups with X-rays to check for gum disease, or to see beneath fillings to check for cavities.


  • An electric toothbrush can help hard to reach wisdom teeth, gum and tongue brushing.


  • Using mouth-wash at a different time to brushing. E.g. After lunch or late afternoon will help.


  • Reduce the frequency of smelly foods such as milk, dairy, chilli, garlic etc.


  • Tooth straightening will straighten crooked teeth. Straight teeth are cleaner teeth because you can reach all surfaces to clean them.


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