What Are Dental Implants?

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As the world evolves, there are some incredible things available to us today, one being the dental implant.  Increasingly being chosen over bridges and dentures; dental implants are the number one choice for tooth replacement due to its nature of not involving any tooth damage to neighbouring teeth.

So what are dental implants? Dental implants are replacement tooth roots, providing a strong foundation for fixed (permanent) teeth that are specially made to match your natural teeth.  Not only can implants improve your appearance thus improving self-esteem, they have many other benefits also.   These include improved comfort, speech and oral health; easier eating, durability and convenience – without the need to remove after eating as you would with dentures. With proper care, implants can last a lifetime.

To place an implant, precision channels are created in the bone under the gum; the implant is then fitted into the site with immediate contact with the bone. It generally takes 2-4 months to fuse to the bone before the treatment can be completed by attaching tooth restorations. This is all pain free of course and carried out with strong anaesthetics and a lot of careful planning.

Dental implants can be singular tooth but also fixed multiple teeth.  So whether you’ve had an accident where one tooth needs replacing, or if multiple teeth need replacing there is now a great option that will provide peace of mind.  The colour and tone of the tooth is matched up to your own teeth, so that nobody except you will know!  Gone are the days of living with a gap, having a denture or needing teeth drilled to place a bridge.