Why are my teeth stained?

I have noticed that some of my teeth are stained? Does that sound common?

teeth whitening

These days’ flaws are highlighted more than ever with the ability to erase your wrinkles and whiten your teeth in one swipe on your digital phone with the help of certain apps.  Whether this is a good or bad thing is down to opinion, but ultimately this can highlight flaws that we don’t like about ourselves.  Which is why more and more of you may be asking the above question, why are my teeth stained and what can I do about it.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could Photoshop ourselves in real life? Well guess what – we can help here.  So what exactly can a dentist in Cardiff do to help?

We at Birchgrove Dental offer professional tooth whitening in a relaxed environment where a quality service is extremely important to us.  Tooth whitening is nowhere as near as invasive as once thought.  It’s a painless and quick procedure that can hugely improve your smile and confidence.


The discolouration of teeth can be caused by many factors such as foods/drinks; tobacco; poor dental hygiene; medications or the environment. Whilst changing what you eat or drink for example can stop this worsening, a dental treatment such as whitening can remove the staining, bringing your natural colour back with our professional tooth whitening system.












The system we use is Boutique Whitening. We check the teeth and gums first and include a polish of the teeth with our whitening package.  We can also change any old, dark stained fillings to white. And even replace your old silver filling with white fillings.  Our dentists are very experienced and welcome new patients daily.

Please be aware that many companies offer stain removal toothpastes. These are great if you have stains on your teeth – but they won’t make your teeth whiter.

Our lead dentist Craig always says:

“Think of your teeth as a car.  Stain removal toothpaste will clean dirt off your teeth, like dirt would come off your car if it was cleaned.  But if you don’t have stains on your teeth and you continue to use stain removal toothpaste you could cause damage. This would be like scrubbing the paint from your car.

If you would like brighter, whiter teeth you would need tooth whitening.  It’s like having a black car; regardless of how hard you scrub and clean it, you won’t have a bright white shiny car by the end of it.”

We are very proud of the high quality professional tooth whitening that we provide in our friendly dental practice which is nestled a stone’s throw away from the heart of Cardiff city centre.

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