Consultation for tooth straightening – FREE 

New patient Examination (inc. X-Rays) £65
Routine Examination £38
Dental x-rays from £12
Scaling and polish £48
30 minute hygiene visit with dental hygienist/therapist £66
Periodontal Therapy £98
White – tooth coloured filings from £103
Cosmetic bonding £170 per tooth surface
Silver / Amaglam fillings from £81
Tooth extraction from £120
Surgical tooth extraction £150

Root Canal Therapy
Front tooth (incisor/canine) £392
Side tooth (pre-molar) £392
Back tooth (molar) £538

Dental Implant including crown from £2,400
Dental Implant Consultations £49
Crowns (porcelain & precious metals)  from £457
Zirconia/ procera all ceramic crowns from £502
Bridges Per unit  from £450
Sticky Bridges (Maryland/Rochette)  from £350
Temporary Bridge (Lab made) from £304
Veneers Per tooth from £400
Recement crown/bridge/veneer  from £78

Cosmetic Braces & Tooth Alignment
Six month smile: upper OR lower teeth (includes clear white brackets, retainers & tooth whitening) from £1950
Quick straight teeth: upper OR lower teeth (includes clear white brackets, retainers & tooth whitening) from £1950
Invisalign Clear aligners: upper AND lower (includes tooth whitening) from £2500
Inman Aligner: upper OR lower teeth from £1800
Bonded (permanent) retainer upper OR lower teeth from £180
A clear removable retainer (essix retainer) from £90
Lingual Braces (Secret Smile) upper OR lower £2400
upper AND lower £4350

Cosmetic or orthodontic treatment planning £150 per session
(Including Dental radiographs, study cast moulds of teeth and professional photographs and dental examination)

Tooth Whitening
Take home package (includes examination, light scale & X-Rays if necessary) £276
Study Model Casts £80 per set

Flexible dentures from £450
Metal clasp cobalt chrome dentures from £731
All acrylic /plastic dentures from £526
Complete set of dentures from £885
Addition of tooth to a denture £95
Relining /rebasing from £131
Sports Mouthguard from £89
Nightguard (tooth grinding/clenching device) £113
CereZen – in ear anti tooth clenching device £549

Facial Aesthetics:
Treatments for lines & wrinkles
For one area £150
For two areas £250
For three areas £300
For dermal fillers – Restylane Per 1.0ml Syringe
(£140 per 1.0ml extra syringe)
from £280
Treatment of lips, nose to mouth lines, Marionette Lines


All prices are subject to terms and conditions, pending a thorough consultation.  Prices may vary.


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