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Birchgrove Dental Practice - Private Dentist Cardiff

The family-run Birchgrove Dental practice is a private, professional and affordable dentist Cardiff offering a wide range of dental services for the whole family. Our team consists of a hygienist as well as highly-skilled dentists, all of them dedicated to delivering pain-free dental care, which is why our patients keep returning every year. Appointments are available every day for dental emergencies.

Orthodontist Cardiff

Birchgrove Dental offers specialist orthodontic treatment to children and adults. As technology advances, there are now more types of braces than ever to choose from. We offer a range of treatments, including white invisible braces and clear braces.

New Patients
New patients are welcomed in a friendly and caring manner at Birchgrove Dental Practice and get to meet our team and dentists in a relaxed environment. We understand that every patient is different and each visit is unique, so it is important to us that you get to know your dentist and feel comfortable about visiting the surgery.

We ask that you arrive about 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment for us to take your medical history and fill out a smile questionnaire before you get to meet your dentist. If there is something specific that you feel the dentist should know about prior to your appointment, then you can tell any staff member about it via email, a phone call, or in person at reception.

When you meet your dentist and nurse, you get the opportunity to ask questions about anything that you would like to discuss with them. These can be things related to current issues you’re experiencing or anything regarding the dental treatments we provide at our practice.
The next 30 minutes or so will involve your dentist carrying out a thorough examination. We will then look in depth anything that you’re concerned about and discuss with you what your choices are for that specific issue. Special tests like x-rays, photographs or gum health checks may be suggested on your first visit.

You can ask your dentist any questions at all regarding treatment, your anxieties and previous experiences, as well as the options you have to pay for the treatment you receive. Our dentists will go out of their way to make your first appointment as informal and comfortable as possible for you.

You will be given a written treatment plan and advice by the end of your first appointment, so that you can take it home with you and arrange to book an appointment to suit your needs.

Private Dentist in Cardiff

Besides routine dentistry, our dentist in Cardiff also offers advanced treatments as well as a variety of cosmetic dentistry services such as teeth whitening, dermal fillers and wrinkle treatment. Our dental treatments include dental surgery, teeth straightening, smile makeovers, white fillings, dental implant, root canal treatment, among many others.

For patients wanting that perfect smile, Birchgrove Dental Practice offers orthodontic smile makeovers in the form of both white and clear braces by Six Month Smiles and Quick Straight Teeth, both leading experts in the field, both offering beautiful month smiles. Also included in our services, are Invisalign, the world-famous, incredibly discreet removable clear aligner braces.

We also provide the perfect solution for patients with crowding or protruding front teeth too; the Inman Aligner, a system that in just 6 to 12 weeks, gently guides the front teeth into a perfect position. The Inman Aligner is fast, exceptionally safe and better value than other systems and since it is removable, can be taken out if and when necessary, to fit in with any lifestyle.

Our Monthly Payment Plans
Birchgrove is one of those dental clinics that offer monthly payment plans to each private patient to suit their individual needs, to make it easier for them to maintain a healthy mouth. Instead of having to pay a lump sum for their annual dental needs, we help patients by letting them spread the cost and pay only one low monthly amount.

Birchgrove Dental uses the DPAS system and offer dental plans from as low as £15 per person per month, which works out to just 49 pence per day!
How are dental plan and DPAS beneficial to a patient?

There are several ways that patients benefit, including:

  • Spreading the cost of preventative dental care with monthly payments that are affordable to them
  • Identifying dental problems early to prevent inconvenience, discomfort and pain
  • No surprise expenses or unforeseen costs
  • Supplementary Injury and Emergency Insurance that provides peace of mind
  • A membership card that includes helpline numbers that patients can call 24/7 for dental emergencies, whether at home or abroad
  • A guaranteed registration with Birchgrove Dental and ongoing access to their dentist

What are the benefits of interest free finance from Birchgrove?

  • Instead of prolonging treatment, patients can be seen immediately and prevent their dental problem from getting worse, invasive and more expensive
  • Cost of treatment can be spread over a period that suits the patient
  • Having an interest-free payment plan can work out less expensive than applying for a bank loan or paying by credit card
  • Repayments are easily arranged through Debit Direct
  • Finance options are all provided by top credit suppliers and work according to status
  • The Treatment Coordinators at Birchgrove make it easy for patients by helping them with the application

How Do Repayments Work?
Patients start their repayments a month after the agreement is accepted. The application is filled out privately online, with a decision being made in just seconds. An e-signature is then used to sign the agreement online. It takes just a few minutes to complete the entire process.

Please contact us about all your dental needs, whether an existing or new patient. We will be happy to hear from you.