How to Look After Your Braces

25th May 2018

For those seeking the perfect smile, white braces are often a popular choice due to their discreet appearance. Many people prefer them to traditional metal braces as they are much less noticeable, however, with improper care staining can occur which can ruin the look of the braces. Here are our top tips for keeping your […]

How To Make The Best Of Your Invisalign Treatment

5th May 2018

 How To Make The Best Of Your Invisalign Treatment Over the last decade or so, it would be fair to say that Invisalign has completely changed the landscape of oral aesthetics, health and care in terms of being a treatment that isn’t going to either significantly alter your appearance or cause you any amount of […]

Why More and More Adults are Getting Braces

25th April 2018

Why More and More Adults are Getting Braces It would be fair to say that, in the past, the process of wearing braces is one that has much more traditionally been associated with childhood and adolescence. Braces have always been a big factor in the media portraying children and teens both on television and in […]

Benefits of Cosmetic Bonding

5th April 2018

Benefits of Cosmetic Bonding Everyone desires a bright smile, after all a good smile can make a great first impression and will even boost self-confidence. Cosmetic bonding is a great way of brightening your smile, and I will tell you why. But first, what is Cosmetic Bonding? Cosmetic bonding is a dental procedure used for […]

How to Clean Invisalign Braces?

25th March 2018

How to Clean Invisalign Braces? A smile says a lot.  A smile helps boost confidence and adds life and colour to the people around. However, for some people achieving the perfect smile may not be entirely possible. The main reason being the improper alignment of their teeth. With modern technology, this is a forgotten story. […]

The Benefits of Having Straight Teeth

8th March 2018

The Benefits of Having Straight Teeth Straight teeth go beyond a great smile and self-esteem benefits. Eating and speaking becomes easier Having misaligned teeth makes it difficult to chew food and even speak properly. Most people eat three heavy meals daily and snacks in between the day. Having problems with chewing can have a significant […]

How Invisalign Works

28th January 2018

What is invisalign treatment and how does it work? Invisalign is the name assigned to a popular orthodontic treatment that many people are interested in because it is essentially a correcting treatment that gives people a more confident smile. It is predominantly used to treat people whose teeth are out of place due to overcrowding, […]

What are White Braces

10th January 2018

For many people who decide to get braces, they would rather get ones that blend in with their natural teeth. Metal braces can be off-putting to many, which is why the invention of white braces has been received very well. With them, you will get a more natural look during your treatment period. Traditional braces […]

Do Dental Implants Look Natural?

20th December 2017

Do Dental Implants Look Natural? People respond well to smiles. They smile back, they feel happier, they even make better decisions. But missing teeth, stains (from genetics, smoking, or poor bleach jobs), and cavities and fillings can all cause self-consciousness, and make people feel that they are being judged for the poor state of their […]

Which Braces should you choose, Invisalign or Lingual Braces?

11th December 2017

Which Braces should you choose, Invisalign or Lingual Braces? Lingual braces and Invisalign aligners are the latest available choices for teeth alignment issues. Unlike traditional wire braces that are made from metal and brackets, these new braces are clear and nearly invisible. The type of braces you select depends on your orthodontic requirements, lifestyle, and […]