Emergency Dentist Cardiff

Many people in their lifetime will, unfortunately, require some form of emergency medical treatment.  This may be in the form of a trip to hospital A&E or sometimes the need for an emergency dental appointment.  This, despite what you may think is actually not an uncommon occurrence.  Dental pain can come in many forms from a simple chipped tooth, a broken tooth, broken filling, cracked tooth to a sharp tooth.  There is also the more serious cases which can be a dental abscess, a dental infection, wisdom tooth infection or pain, a gum infection or an injury from trauma to the head or face.

What happens when you have dental pain?

At Birchgrove dental practice we can all empathise with our patients as even our dentists, nurses and reception team have all had dental pain or a toothache at some point in our lives.  Our private dentist Dr Craig Lewis or Dr Sean Haywood would assess you, take a history of your pain/problem and may conduct some special tests.  The emergency dental appointment may involve some dental x-rays and a thorough check of your teeth and gums.  We can help reduce dental pain by dressing or refilling teeth, smoothing sharp edges, prescribing antibiotics for severe infections, place a sedative dressing or sometimes in extreme cases extract a tooth.  Our Cardiff dentist carries this out in a relaxed, calming and professional manner.  Rest assured a pain-free procedure is what we like best.

Why we can get a toothache can vary greatly but the main concern is treating it before it gets painful or dangerous to our health.  Our emergency dental clinic in Cardiff at Birchgrove Dental Practice is open 5 days a week and we reserve emergency spaces every day for existing patients and those who haven’t visited us before.  We are a private dentist in Cardiff, just on the outskirts of town near the Heath hospital and are easily accessible from the M4/A48/city centre.

When dental pain strikes we know fast action is best.  Our emergency dental appointments in Cardiff are used to help relieve immediate pain/danger.  This initial dental pain can be treated then can be followed up by a review appointment to ensure things are getting better or to complete any further work that is needed to keep your mouth healthy.

A toothache is something Birchgrove like to avoid.  We do this by regularly checking your teeth and gums, taking dental x-rays when appropriate and using our dental plans.  Cardiff also has an out of hours emergency dental service if outside of our normal opening times.