Cosmetic Bonding

Do you have gaps, holes or chips in the tooth that haunt you on a daily basis? Do you want to enhance the quality of your smile but the cost worries you?

A lot of you may not be aware that this is a problem a dental professional at Birchgrove Dental can help to solve. As the images illustrate, you can see that holes and weak areas have been filled using cosmetic bonding, creating a significant distinction to the patients’ smile.


Dental composite bonding is applied to improve your appearance and give you the smile you want.

Composite bonding is a procedure using the material called – yes you guessed it – ‘composite’; The same material used for long durable white fillings instead of silver or metal fillings for teeth.


Dental Composite Bonding

The main ingredients of this dental composite are finely ground glass particles and a filler plastic resin which acts as the bonding agent. Composite white fillings can restore the natural look of teeth from their decayed, broken or discoloured state.

This compound can be bound to any tooth of any size or shade. So there’s not the need to fret that it won’t blend in with your teeth. It’s easily polished so that you cannot feel or see a join between the tooth and the composite filling material. It doesn’t cause harm, and replacement, removal, or alterations are safe and efficient.



Most importantly, it can be done in one bonding procedure appointment and does not require any drilling (like a veneer or crown would) or even injections. It’s minimally invasive and pain-free.

Besides closing gaps between teeth and even repairing chipped teeth, the composite is used to lengthen teeth. The compound is suitable for dental bonding in areas where there are small cavities, like on the front, and preferably in areas where there’s little to medium pressure applied during chewing.

Other situations, though, such as large cavities on teeth zones that handle a lot of chewing, could call for sturdier filling processes such as metal filling or tooth replacement. In dental care, these procedures are professionally determined while undertaking dental surgery, dental implants or teeth whitening.

Working on all teeth at once can cause problems for a cosmetic dentist. For instance, when working to place dental bridges, and close the gap from a missing tooth. In dental clinics, a rubber dam is used to isolate the affected tooth area from the rest of the mouth for more focused treatment.




Filling Compound

This filler compound requires clean and dry teeth and aims at achieving the desired shape and colour. All while keeping the natural tooth structure intact through the bonding procedure to avoid any dental emergency.

Over the past years, methods of filling teeth have evolved. Composites are the modern way of giving you back that natural looking smile. These smile makeovers get much sought in society, where everyone treasures a smile with pearly whites. The white fillings blend in perfectly with tooth enamel.

An Inman aligner realigns crooked front teeth to their original vertical alignment. This method is painless and can happen in a short while of 6 weeks to 6 months. The one to six-month smiles were introduced and has helped many patients requiring teeth straightening.

For more information requiring cosmetic bonding, please visit WebMD.