FAQ’s Birchgrove Dental Cardiff

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions to help you with any queries you may have.

Can Birchgrove Dental offer private treatments, but also offer long-term cosmetic and preventative dentistry also?

Birchgrove Dental offers a large range of dental solutions and procedures to our customers in Cardiff. Many of our patients in Cardiff and the surrounding area’s love that they can come to us for preventative dental work and also cosmetic dentistry services.

Can I visit your dental practice for private dental work without being a regular patient?

Birchgrove Dental sees many patients for one-off private dental care and cosmetic dentistry in South Wales. We can accommodate your wishes, whether it be preventative dental care or cosmetic.

Why is it so important to go for regular dental checkups?

It is imperative that everyone visits the dentist to keep on top of their oral health, even if you have never had any problems, only a dentist can recognise certain problems with your teeth and treat them before they become worse. For example, unbeknown to you, you may have some plaque. Plaque can cause cavities. A cavity is a hole that gets bigger and deeper over time, and if deep enough can damage a nerve and can lead to sensitivity and pain. It’s also possible that you may develop an abscess which may require a root filling, or even worse extraction of the tooth.

Do Birchgrove Dental do payment plans?

Yes, normally private dentists offer payment plans to help spread the cost of dental treatment.  Also you can have a set monthly plan that includes all your dental needs for the year.  This way you can budget and feel comfortable to not have to worry about a large dental bill again.
For more information, visit: https://www.birchgrovedental.co.uk/monthly-payment-plans/

Do dentists remove wisdom teeth?

Most dentists remove wisdom teeth in general practice. It can be a normal and routine procedure.  In some cases wisdom teeth can become trapped under the gum in the bone, at difficult angles to physically see.  A dental x ray will confirm this.  In these circumstances extraction can be tricky because actually seeing and gaining access to a small space in the mouth may be impossible.  In this circumstance it may be necessary for a specialist to assess the position of the tooth and extract it due to greater experience in dealing with awkward cases.  This may involve a small surgical procedure where you may have local anesthetic with or without the use of sedation.  Contact us for more information.

How much is emergency dental treatment?

It really depends on what treatment you have carried out at the dentist. All the fees should be explained to you prior to seeing the dentist and you won’t be forced into have any treatment. You will also be informed about the estimated fees and be given a treatment plan prior to any dental work being undertaken.
For information including specific pricing, please contact us on 02920 693 858.

How much does teeth whitening cost at Birchgrove Dental?

Teeth whitening costs can vary.  Normally an assessment and tooth whitening would cost you around £300.  This is the average for a alrge city such as Cardiff.  At Birchgrove dental practice we offer a comprehensive bespoke whitening package for £276.  This includes an examination, a set of dental x rays, a light scale and polish if necessary. It also includes custom made-to-fit whitening trays to ensure a safe and excellent result.