Dental Hygienist Services

dental-hygienist-cardiffOral health care is a vital concern which is directly related to the general health of your body. Your oral health not only makes teeth stronger and bacteria-free but also plays a significant role in boosting morale and improving the present-ability of an individual. Regular checkups with a dental hygienist in Cardiff serves as an investment in ensuring teeth are prevented from all possible problems such as decay.

These problems are harrowing and expensive to treat when they erupt. Fortunately, early treatment can deter further damage or infection and fix the dental issue before it starts. We have highly qualified and skilled dental therapists who have the ability to diagnose any dental problems you may have.

For more information on Dental Hygiene, please visit this NHS page.

Dental Therapy

Our therapy services at Birchgrove Dental are offered by a highly trained team who give your teeth a deep cleaning. We have specified services that are targeted to various issues. Scale and polish are common practices we offer for teeth maintenance. Birchgrove Dental gives you the solution that you need.

Our Main Dental Hygiene Services

Our services are offered collaboratively by the dentist and dental hygienist. If you want to visit, you are required to make an appointment with our dentist. You can do this by contacting our practice.

Birchgrove Scale and Polish

The service involves eradication of tartar for healthy gums. It consists of the use of an ultrasonic scaler for stain elimination. It is usually a 20-minute check-up offered at £35.

Birchgrove Ultra White Polish

The service takes a maximum of 30 minutes. It is aimed at removing debris as we polish your teeth using a Prophyflex that jets water, compressed air and sodium bicarbonate elements to the teeth. The treatment is essential in eliminating tough stains.

Birchgrove Fresh Breath Polish

If you are experiencing bad breath, this service will be necessary for you. The therapist uses UtraDEX odour solution that’s effective to remove bad odours.

Other Dental Hygienist Services

Apart from the scale and polish services, our dental therapist can examine you through dental x-rays in case there is a need to check the condition more profoundly.

They assess patients oral tissues and other oral parts, check for any abnormalities and detect any infection or disease threats. We will also use fluoride boost to ensure the teeth are healthy and whitened.

Why Have Our Fresh Breath Oral Spray

  • It’s a medically proven technology for instant removal of elements causing odour with total effectiveness within 12 hrs.
  • It’s a portable and usable spray that keeps your mouth fresh all day. You can have 130 spays from the package which are free of sugar, mint flavour and alcohol.
  • It’s a safe spray that contains fluoride and effectively whitens your teeth within two weeks.
  • The fresh breath spray serves as an antibacterial solution that effectively kills bacteria that may cause gum disease and tooth decay.

Why Visit Us?

It is good to understand that your teeth get exposed to bacterial infections that may come from acidic content or plague and tartar formation on the teeth. At our Birchgrove Dental, we offer regular services to all existing and new patients. Our main aim is to eradicate any oral problem that may be forming on your teeth.

The Need for Regular Visits to a Birchgrove Dental Therapist

Despite our ability to treat all oral health-related problems, our primary mission is to see your oral health is well maintained. Therefore, there are various reasons we recommend you to make regular visits to our dental therapists.

The dental therapist can spot the dental problem as it starts or as it signals to occur. These problems may include gum health, tooth decay, and many other issues. The service can definitely help to prevent the potential gum disease and other dental problems before they occur.

The regular checkups keep you in a position to know any oral condition since our dental therapist will give you an early warning in case they spot a potential problem.

Our dental therapist offers knowledge and advice to patients on how to effectively prevent the existence of any oral disease.

In case of detection of any plaque, they have removal procedure that helps to control the chances of diseases to occur. Any symptoms that can potentially cause dental diseases is slowed down, and the problem is eliminated.