The importance of oral health cannot be overstated. Strong teeth and gums are essential for maintaining good overall health by allowing us to properly chew and pre-digest food but they’re all too often taken for granted. Healthy gums and teeth reflect the state of our overall health but they’re often neglected. Instead of brushing, flossing and enjoying a healthy diet, clean teeth are an afterthought for many, so it’s no wonder so many of us suffer cavities, broken teeth or are required to have them pulled altogether.

dental implant

Once they’re gone, however, one of the only options to replace them is by receiving dental implants. When compared to crowns, bridges or leaving the space empty, dental implants offer a number of significant benefits.

1. Natural look and feel

If you need to have a tooth pulled or replaced, dental implants allow you to literally fill the void with a tooth that is nearly identical to a real one. Both in look and feel, dental implants are built to resemble the real deal and offer the stability to stand up to the same things your natural ones do. With dental implants, you can chew and smile all the same with a nearly identical replacement.

2. Long-lasting

Not all dental work is done equally. Even small things like cavity fillings can be performed on the cheap but the results usually suffer as a result. Replacing teeth is the same. While some may opt for dentures or simple crowns, dental implants are usually meant to not just replace the look and feel of natural teeth, but also their long-lasting durability. With the right care, they’ll last a lifetime.

3. Prevent bone loss

Losing a tooth is more than just a cosmetic issue. While it may look strange or feel uncomfortable, it also has more serious repercussions. Once a tooth is lost, the area it came from begins to lose bone mass due to the absence of a root. Like a root, however, a dental implant can stimulate bone growth through osseointegration and prevent future bone loss.

4. Easy to care for

In order for your dental implants to last a lifetime, proper care is needed. Much like caring for your natural teeth, caring for your dental implants is simple and effective. Twice daily brushing and flossing go a long way in keeping your new implants healthy and just as you normally would, visits to your dentist regularly for check-ups and cleanings are important. Dental implants may not be composed of real bone, but they are just as likely to attract plaque and tartar which can lead to gum disease when neglected.

Dental care is all about trying to maintain or improve oral health so you can keep your teeth and gums strong. While proper care, cleaning and dentist visits are highly recommended, not all people will be able to go their whole lives without needing to have a tooth extracted. In these cases, the next best thing is to have a dental implant that will act and look like the real thing. With regular care, you’ll be able to smile and chew just the same.