Which Braces should you choose, Invisalign or Lingual Braces?

11th December 2017

Which Braces should you choose, Invisalign or Lingual Braces? Lingual braces and Invisalign aligners are the latest available choices for teeth alignment issues. Unlike traditional wire braces that are made from metal and brackets, these new braces are clear and nearly invisible. The type of braces you select depends on your orthodontic requirements, lifestyle, and […]

Do Dental Implants Last?

15th November 2017

Do Dental Implants Last? Dental implants are for many people a more appealing alternative to wearing dentures, especially if they are younger or their appearance is very important to them. However, implants require a considerable investment, and many factors should be considered before committing to a course of treatment. One of these factors is how […]

Should I Get Clear Braces?

5th November 2017

Should I Get Clear Braces? The thought of braces always takes people back to high-school and the very noticeable metal versions. While these undoubtedly do the job, it can be off-putting to think you will be wearing them for almost a year, if not longer. When considering whether to get your teeth straightened, particularly as […]

How Long Do Lingual Braces Take

28th October 2017

How Long Do Lingual Braces Take So you are thinking about getting lingual braces, but are unsure about the impact it will have on your life. Do not worry, we are here to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether lingual braces are the right choice for you? […]

Do you need straight teeth for veneers?

10th October 2017

Do you need straight teeth for veneers? Are you thinking of getting porcelain veneers for your teeth? Perhaps you have been wondering if you need to do any preparation for your teeth, such as having them straightened, beforehand. Use this guide to understand how veneers work and whether you ought to get your teeth straightened. […]

What to eat with White Braces

20th September 2017

What to eat with White Braces   Ceramic braces, also known as white brackets, are those that are made to blend with your teeth making them unnoticeable. They are a preferred option by many because they can align teeth much faster than metallic braces. However, as unique and efficient as these braces are, they stain […]

Does Invisalign Really Work

15th September 2017

Does Invisalign Really Work Invisalign is a removable corrective dental appliance made of clear, medical-grade polymers and is marketed as an alternative to braces. This method has been around for approximately 17 years and has been used in dental offices in different countries. So, does it really work? The answer to this question inherently lies […]

Do dental implants last?

7th September 2017

Do dental implants last? Dental implants are a means of a tooth replacement that do not affect the adjacent or opposing teeth.  Dental implants can be placed without any damage to the other teeth and they also do not rely on any other teeth for support.  This is an advantage because other dental issues relating […]

Where to get clear braces?

31st August 2017

Where to get clear braces?   Have you been looking for clear braces? Are you unsure of where you can get some clear braces fitted? Are braces something that you’ve been thinking about for a while? There are various types of braces available for you such as clear braces; removable braces or stainless steel braces.  […]

Should I Get Dental Implants?

15th August 2017

Should I Get Dental Implants? It’s easy to see why dental implants are a popular option for people with missing teeth. The benefits of being able to smile with confidence and chew more easily cannot be overstated, and they’re also very natural-looking and capable of lasting many years. However, there are also downsides and it […]