How do clear braces work?

20th April 2017

How do clear braces work?   There are two main types of clear braces.  Type one is a removable clear brace which looks a little bit like a retainer that you would wear once you have had your teeth straightened.  It’s clear and removable and is called an aligner.  There are many different types of […]

Saving pain and pounds – How often should I visit the dentist?

18th April 2017

Saving pain and pounds – How often should I visit the dentist?   There are mixed opinions on this.  The truth is the answer will be different for everyone but a little guidance is good for anyone. Some people may need fewer visits than others and this all depends on your current oral health. For […]

Do Clear Braces Work?

18th April 2017

Do Clear Braces Work?   Misaligned, out of place teeth are not something that anyone wants. For years, the only solution to straightening your teeth was old fashioned wire braces. However, now there are more subtle options available to straighten and organise your teeth. Clear braces are a way of straightening your teeth without it […]

Dental Implants What You Should Know First

18th April 2017

Dental Implants What You Should Know First   A missing tooth not only can create health problems for you, but it will also affect your eating, smiling, and talking. But thanks to dental advancements, you can regain your self-confidence by opting for an implant. Here is some information about dental implants and their benefits. What’s […]

Is chewing gum going to help my teeth this Christmas?

20th December 2016

Is chewing gum going to help my teeth this Christmas?   As many of us, you may have always wondered whether what they say is true – is chewing gum beneficial to my health? You’ll be glad to hear the answer is yes, AS LONG AS IT IS SUGAR FREE chewing gum of course.   […]

White Fillings V’s Silver Fillings

10th October 2016

White Fillings V’s Silver Fillings   Are silver fillings a thing of the past? Or do they still have their benefits? You may be wondering what the difference is between white and silver fillings and may even be wondering if you are able to have yours changed. Granted the white are more aesthetically pleasing to […]

What are lingual braces?

4th October 2016

What are lingual braces? Some of you may know these braces by the name ‘Secret Smile’. They are braces that are placed behind the teeth thus making them invisible. For this reason these braces are very appealing to those of you who really hate the idea, (even if they are very discreet) of having white […]

I don’t like the dentist- what can I do?

13th July 2016

Do I have to go to the dentist? Many people fear the dentist for similar reasons. They fear it will hurt; they fear they will need some work done; they fear it will cost a lot of money. For these reasons many people will avoid the dentist completely. But what people don’t realise is that […]

Why are my teeth stained?

8th June 2016

I have noticed that some of my teeth are stained? Does that sound common? These days’ flaws are highlighted more than ever with the ability to erase your wrinkles and whiten your teeth in one swipe on your digital phone with the help of certain apps.  Whether this is a good or bad thing is […]

Why do I have wonky / crooked teeth?

26th May 2016

Do you have a few teeth that are becoming crooked? Does this sound like a common problem? Well whilst some of us are lucky enough to have straight teeth, many of us may have started off with straight teeth but over time they have moved. The bad news is that they will continue to move […]