Dental Implants

dental implants
Dental implants are the new standard of care for tooth replacement. They are secured into the bone to provide long term support for crowns and dentures.

BioHorizons advantage

BioHorizons dental implants are treated with our proprietary Laser-Lok technology. This helps your smile remain beautiful over time.

BioHorizons’ implants are lightweight, strong, biocompatible and made from titanium, the most widely used material in implant dentistry. Restore and maintain your natural smile with individual dental implants, implants-supported fixed bridges, or implant supported dentures.

Ask your dentist for more information about restoring and maintaining your natural smile with individual dental implants or implant-supported fixed dentures from BioHorizons.

dental implants

Treatment planning

Your dental professional will take x-rays and create a model of your existing teeth to determine implant position. Occasionally, a bone graft or gum tissue graft will be needed to create an adequate site for the dental implants.

Implant Placement

Dental implants are placed into the bone in a relatively pain-free procedure. The bone and gums will be given time to heal before an abutment and crown are attached. In most cases, you can receive a temporary crown the same day the implant is placed.

Crown Placement

Your final crown will be placed to restore your natural smile.

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