Why Teeth Whitening Is Popular for Dentists

There is nothing quite like having beautiful white teeth to boost your confidence, give you a smile and lift your spirits. A survey that was conducted in 2007 by the AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry), revealed that the procedures of teeth whitening seem to be increasing every year. The results of the 2007 survey showed a 15% increase over the survey that was carried in 2005. A British survey that was taken by Oral-B discovered that most people see people who have bright, white teeth are more attractive, younger, wealthier and smarter than counterparts who have stained teeth. In fact, people believed that the pristine teeth make them look five years younger, and it was considered to be better than even having a facelift. There are several tooth whitening options for you to consider including at-home bleaching, in-office bleaching plus whitening products that are sold over the counter like whitening mouth rinses, whitening pens, whitening strips and whitening toothpastes. It’s essential to consult with a dentist to determine what type of whitening treatment she/he thinks is in your best interest. The dentist will pay attention to the colour of your teeth and the solution of making them whiter plus more attractive. teeth whitening At-home Bleaching Arrange an appointment so that you can meet with your dentist who will evaluate the at-home bleaching system that would be ideal based on the shade/colour of your teeth. Your teeth impression is taken for the purpose of developing a custom-fit tray(s). Then, you will be taught how you will be using the whitening system. Typically, you will use the whitening system once or twice on a daily basis for 1-2 weeks and monitor tooth sensitivity. In-office Bleaching It’s conducted in the office of your dentist, and this type of bleaching can be done in either one or two visits. Generally, the options of in-office bleaching are bleaching through using warm light and tray bleaching. In tray bleaching, teeth impression is taken and individualised, custom-fit trays are shaped to fit your teeth. That process can take several office visits for you to acquire the level of whitening you desire. The dentist applies the bleaching gel in the tray then onto your teeth. A custom-fit tray helps in decreasing the contact of your gum tissue with the bleaching gel. As for the warm light bleaching, your dentist will apply a protective gel or a rubber dam to cover your gum tissue. After that, a bleaching gel will be applied to your teeth for a certain timeframe. The warm light can be used in activating the whitening agent found in the bleaching gel. You will have to set up several appointments with your dentist for this procedure. Though they’re more expensive compared to at-home bleaching, warm light bleaching provides good results when it comes to whitening your smile. Also, whitening kits are provided for you to continue whitening at your home after the dentist’s in-office procedure. In-office bleaching is a shorter process than at at-home bleaching. However, due to the legality of the strength of the product we do not offer this at our practice. Because of this regulation change we only use 16% carbamide peroxide gel. Over-the-counter Products It is a self-applied type of bleaching, which means that it’s essential for you to read carefully the directions for use plus what exactly needs to be done. Over-the-counter products include mouth rinses, toothpastes, paint-on agents, prefabricated trays as well as whitening strips. Whitening strips deliver work by delivering the active ingredient found on the film strips. You will place the whitening strips on your teeth up to twice per day for half an hour for approximately two weeks. Prefabricated trays consist of the active bleaching ingredient placed into the lower and upper trays. The trays are worn 30 to 60 minutes each day, and for five to ten days. Also, paint-on whitening products are painted onto the surface of your teeth. Toothpastes that are formulated with peroxide will have the shortest duration to make the active ingredient exposed to your teeth. You can also use mouth rinses that have an active whitening ingredient to whiten your teeth. However, it provides less active ingredient exposure to your teeth. Here are some reasons why teeth whitening is loved by many people and how it has become popular: Quick and Painless Process There are some people who argue that teeth whitening is not the only method of making your teeth shine. For instance, you can get your teeth professionally cleaned and polished as well. With teeth whitening, the procedure is quick and painless: the whole procedure only takes about 90 minutes. Furthermore, you can just relax and listen to music or watch TV during the process. There is no stress, no pain, and you will walk out with a beautiful, winning smile. Helps You Smile With Confidence First of all, most people like having white teeth; it is just something that we all want. People want to look in the mirror and see a beautiful, shiny smile. Having stained or yellow teeth can lead to issues of self-confidence. The problem is that most people are not blessed with natural white teeth. For most people, even if they brush them or use different types of toothpaste, their teeth will never turn white. Therefore, teeth whitening has proven to be an effective way of getting the smile you have always wanted. It doesn’t matter what colour teeth you are born with; this procedure can get them white and bright. That is the major factor behind its popularity. We all like smiling with confidence, but when you have stained teeth, it’s always a struggle. It is astounding how white teeth can give you a boost and make you feel less self-conscious. Long-Term Results That Are Affordable Another reason behind teeth whitening popularity is that it gives you long-term results. Professional whitening leaves people with a beautiful, bright smile for a long period. In fact, some reports show that the teeth of some people stay white for many years after the treatment. Also, it has become more affordable, meaning that the average person can afford the treatment and enjoy the long-lasting results. It is regarded as one of greatest dental investments that someone can make. There is no doubt how much a healthy, shiny smile can be beneficial to your life. When you increase your self-confidence, it can help you accomplish more than you thought you were able to. Teeth whitening enables you to achieve that in an affordable and safe way. As more people realise the advantages of teeth whitening, it will continue to become more popular.