How to Clean Invisalign Braces?

A smile says a lot.  A smile helps boost confidence and adds life and colour to the people around. However, for some people achieving the perfect smile may not be entirely possible. The main reason being the improper alignment of their teeth.

With modern technology, this is a forgotten story. The introduction of Invisalign has helped provide a solution without the use of traditional braces. Invisalign is a teeth straightener that is invisible and removable, which is custom made to fit an individual’s teeth. Despite the improvement of conventional braces, the Invisalign still requires cleaning and maintenance.
It is essential to maintain proper hygiene to ensure your aligners are clean, odour-free, and still invisible. Failing to keep cleanliness when it comes to your aligners, leads to discolouration and bacteria increase.

How does one maintain and clean their Invisalign?

1. Cleaning them twice a day
People using Invisalign aligners spend close to 20 hours a day with them. It is, therefore, essential to keep your mouth and the aligners odour-free. To have aligners that are always sparkling and free from bad odour, cleaning them twice in a day contributes considerably.
You can use unscented, antibacterial hand soap and give your Invisalign aligners a brush using a soft toothbrush. Afterwards, ensure you rinse them thoroughly using warm water. The use of toothpaste on your aligners may be too hard on them. It could even cause scratches to the Invisalign. Ensure you have a toothbrush with the primary purpose of cleaning your aligners.

2. Remove your teeth aligners while drinking
The incredible benefit of obtaining an Invisalign over traditional braces is that you get an opportunity to change them regularly. You do not have to deal with discolouration. However, these aligners are not resistant to stains.

Ensure that when taking a drink apart from water, you remove them. Removing the aligners will prevent them from obtaining stains. You could also give your teeth a quick rinse before returning the aligners to your mouth.

3. Store them in a protective casing
To ensure your aligners are safe while out of your mouth ensure your store them in their protective casing. Loose aligners can make their way into unsanitary areas like the dustbin or the toilet. To prevent such instances from occurring, always ensure you put your aligners back in their casing in case you remove them.

4. Soak the aligners
To maintain the brightness of your aligners, you can soak them every week and use Retainer Brite to clean them. All you just have to do is follow the soaking instructions and give your aligners an apparent brightness. While soaking the Invisalign, ensure you do not use hot water.
There are plenty of other methods you can use to maintain your Invisalign. For instance, brush and floss before inserting back your aligners. For the perfect smile, teeth alignment is essential but so is your mouth’s hygiene.

Proper care of your aligners ensures you maintain your teeth and mouth at the same time.