Benefits of Cosmetic Bonding

Everyone desires a bright smile, after all a good smile can make a great first impression and will even boost self-confidence. Cosmetic bonding is a great way of brightening your smile, and I will tell you why. But first, what is Cosmetic Bonding?

Cosmetic bonding is a dental procedure used for the restoration or repair of damaged or discoloured teeth. It is particularly effective when the teeth are cracked, chipped, broken or stained. It is also very useful for correcting uneven or large gaps between the teeth.

How Cosmetic Bonding Works

A resin material matching the colour of your teeth is applied to the affected tooth and a special ultra violet light is used to dry the material into place. This bonds the resin material with the natural enamel of the tooth. Cosmetic bonding has distinct advantages over other methods of resolving flawed teeth.

Preservation of Tooth Enamel

Cosmetic bonding involves little or no removal of natural enamel, and so the natural structure of the tooth is preserved. As you probably know, tooth enamel does not return once it is gone. It is therefore essential that the natural enamel of the tooth remains undamaged because it is responsible for protecting the sensitive inner layers of the tooth. Compared with other dental procedures such as the crown, very little enamel is removed during cosmetic bonding procedure.

Simplicity of the Procedure

Cosmetic bonding is an extremely simple procedure. When compared with other procedures, cosmetic bonding is not an extensive dental procedure. It utilises tooth-coloured composite resin for fixing these aesthetic imperfections, and it does not require more than one visit to the dentist, except multi-tooth bonding is required. In fact, the whole process can be completed within an hour.

What’s more? The procedure is relatively pain-free when compared with invasive procedures such as the root canal. Occasionally when dental cavities are involved, the dentist may use topical anaesthetic medications to numb the area to make the procedure free of pain.

Cosmetic Bonding is Cost-effective

The procedure is one of the most inexpensive methods for treating flawed teeth and the composite resin used is a long-lasting substance. Little wonder patients enjoy the benefits of the procedure for up to 15 years with little or no maintenance. Comparatively, more expensive procedures only last for less than ten years. This makes cosmetic bonding one of the most durable and cost-effective ways of restoring the shape and feel of the teeth.

In general, a wide range of dental issues can be resolved with cosmetic bonding. These include crookedness, chipped or poorly shaped teeth, tooth discolouration, spaces and gaps, and these can be done expeditiously at inexpensive prices.

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