How To Make The Best Of Your Invisalign Treatment

Over the last decade or so, it would be fair to say that Invisalign has completely changed the landscape of oral aesthetics, health and care in terms of being a treatment that isn’t going to either significantly alter your appearance or cause you any amount of pain or discomfort. Gone are the days of metal, train track style braces for correcting misaligned sets of teeth. The game has been completely and utterly changed forever thanks to the revolutionary technology and design of the famously discreet and unassuming process. However, to get the best possible results, you definitely need to follow a set of clear instructions. Here are some tips to optimise your Invisalign treatment.

Full Time Wear

Ideally, you should be aiming to wear your aligners for twenty-two hours of the day. They are perfectly fine to sleep in, and the only time you will need to take them out is to do essential tasks like eating and brushing your teeth. The longer they stay in, the more effective their impact on your smile will be. It’s not rocket science, and the habit is easier to get in to than you might think!

Perfect Fit with Chewies

Your aligners make the most impact when they are fitted as tightly and as perfectly to your teeth as possible, and this can be achieved by getting in to the habit of biting down on ‘chewies’ at regular points of the day. These are soft, plastic style cylinders that will help to push the aligners right in to the corners and nooks of your teeth.

Embrace IPR

IPR is also known as interproximal reduction, which is the gentle process of sanding in between busy teeth to create a little more space. This isn’t especially noticeable: you won’t be given a huge gap tooth, but it might be necessary in order to get the ideal movement and arrangement of your teeth for the aligners to work with.


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